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The Be Unlimited Brand

A T-Shirt Brand for the woman who wants to feel unstoppable.

Watch this video to see some inspirational Be Unlimited stories.

How it started….

It’s more than a T-shirt, it’s a movement. It’s a sense of freedom. It’s strength. It’s an inner knowingness that supports you in breaking free of every chain that was sent to break you. You are ready for and able to conquer everything that comes your way. Are you willing to go beyond your limits?

One of the goals I had for myself in 2021 was to expand my business and brand by adding products. I am intentional about everything I do. It’s important to me that my product represent who I am and the mission of Beyond Limits Mental Health & Wellness, LLC. My tagline is Be Unlimited! I wanted my t-shirts to exemplify what Be Unlimited means to me. When I googled Unlimited the infinity symbol is what was commonly used. While this symbol has meaning, it didn’t capture what I wanted to express. I thought about what being unlimited meant to me and instantly an image of a beautiful strong black woman breaking free from every chain that was meant to bind her came to me. I saw her in my mind’s eye, and I felt her breaking free. I felt her being unlimited!! I feel this woman because she is me. I am always working to break free of everything that is meant restrict me and keep me small. I often have to push myself beyond my self-imposed limits. You are more than every chain that was sent to bind you. You are more than capable of breaking free. It is my intention that my T-shirts inspire you to BE UNLIMTED!

Join the Be Unlimited Movement

You can purchase your Be Unlimited T-shirt on the Shop page. Don’t forget to tag me on my Instagram page to share your Be Unlimited story with me. Remember…it’s more than a T-shirt it’s a movement! I welcome you to share your inspirational story with me as I am excited to hear them.

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